Book Chapters 

  • Powell A (2019), ‘Normative Understandings: Sexual Identity, Stereotypes, and Asylum Seeking’ in Ashford C and Maine A (eds) ‘The Research Handbook on Gender, Sexuality and Law’ Edward Elgar (Accepted)
  • Powell A (2019) 'The Will of The People: (Parliamentary) Sovereignty and Brexit' in Ahmed T and Fahey E (eds) 'On Brexit: Law, Justice and Injustices' Edward Elgar (Accepted)

Journal Articles 

  • Ashford C, Morris M, and Powell A (2019) ‘Bareback Sex in the Age of PrEP and TasP: How New HIV Medications Challenge Existing Legal Narratives’. Journal of Criminal Law (Accepted)
  • Powell A, 'Law and the Cultural Imaginary: A Queer Discursive Analysis of Victim (1961)' (In progress)

Online Publications: