Queering Refugee Law 

The Queering Refugee Law study contrasts the lived experiences of sexual and gender minority refugees with Home Office guidance and practice for assessing the credibility of sexual and gender minority identities within asylum claims. The study draws on a series of semi-structured interviews with sexual and gender minority refugees to demonstrate the diversity of lived experiences among this group. With a view to assessing the ability of current Home Office guidance, and decision-maker practice, to reflect this diversity of lived experiences. 

Call for Participants 

Have you applied for asylum in the UK as a gender or sexual minority? I am a PhD candidate at City, University of London, looking for LGBTQ+ refugees to share their stories (anonymously). The interview will focus on your gender/sexual identity, experiences of living in different countries, and interactions with the UK asylum process. This research will be used to assess whether current UK asylum guidance and practices are compatible with people’s experiences. To make this study as representative as possible, please share my call for participants with your wider networks. For further information about the study, I can be reached at: alexander.powell@city.ac.uk